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I live for a day when I can open carry my mosin into walmart and purchase a 32 pack of MT DEW



that’s the america I believe in 

I dream of a day where you can do that and there is a Chick Fil A inside the Walmart. 

The last thing I want in walmart is Jesus chicken.

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The man in all black
grabs a flower from his coat,

While the girl in the school uniform
reaches for the knife in her garter. 

The white “seemed so normal” boy
confesses to the murder of his parents,

While the young black “thug”
studies hard for his ACT. 

The baptist preacher
goes home to beat his wife,

While the reformed addict
braids her daughters hair. 

The elected politician
Snorts his salary off a prostitute

While the college graduate
drowns in the sea of his debt.

The suburban sea…
will never know how much I hate it.
My hate brewing like primordial stew.
Cookie cutter houses,
and broken homes.
Teardrops from the children
and bruises on a beaten wife.
That suburban sea hides so horrors of life.
All the big houses at the end of the road,
the outer walls hold inside what the true story should show.
Supposedly a Golden Globe
If only so perfect.
A classic Utopia.
Nothing to covet.
All men eqeal.
Justice fair.
A powerful image in my mind.
Its just too bad.

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If you’re a vintage blog,

Shouldn’t you be blogging about things 30 years old or older???

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